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#RefreshFriday SEO - LOVE for the red-headed stepchild of automotive marketing

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Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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RefreshFriday SEO Cars DI.png

When was the last time we focused on SEO? ...I don't remember. It is long past due and we are lucky to have Cars.com & Dealer Inspire's brightest SEO experts on the show.

Is SEO the red-headed stepchild of automotive marketing? Assuming the answer is yes, is it because it doesn't have a sexy dollar attached to it? Is it because we are not giving it the attribution it deserves? We all know customers find us through search, so why don't we give it more love?

Join us this Friday as we explore the enigmas surrounding SEO with the Cars.com SEO trifecta: Mary-Grace, Danny, and David.

We will be going LIVE on facebook at 1PM Eastern Time.
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