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Started from desperation.....

Discussion in 'CRM, ILM, Chat, Desking, Emails, Phone, SMS' started by Chris Fruchey, Mar 24, 2018.

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  1. Chris Fruchey

    Chris Fruchey
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    Dec 8, 2017
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    Sorry for the long post but I want to grow and need to give the whole story to get the best feedback. Our store sells roughly 200 to 220 a month, which is killing it in our neck of the woods, we have an Internet Dept with a Director(online pricing, Appt confirmation and pushing the appt culture) and four cradle to the grave agents, all incoming sales calls were paged to the sales floor. We prided ourselves on sales calls and trained almost daily with a great script, and only focused on the most important thing ....getting them in to the store, and every call was logged ...we THOUGHT that was happening as the reporting in CRM(eLeads) looked like we were doing great and thought if we could get the same quality on the outgoing we would really crush it and grow:rocks: but we did not have a way to listen to outgoing calls and only a select few of the incoming were recorded, so we implemented CarWars December 1st, 2017. By the 10th Upper management was in a panic:yikes: now that we were listening in on EVERY call, in and out, it was like a punch in the gut:dunno:, not only were the calls being completely botched(by top sales guys), not being logged, campaign ups and showroom ups were being logged as a phone up, and THAT was why we had the positive feel on phone ups, due to Management thinking we were good no-one was actually watching or tracking pretty much anything except the Internet Director. The upside as it turns out, we have a top-notch referral, word of mouth, and lot traffic but our phone calls were dismal at best.

    I have been here for almost seventeen years and have a knack for the phones and selling the front door so GM asked me to help and that I was to handle every incoming sales call and that I had the reigns to start a sort of a BDC. I had been quite stagnate as a salesperson and loved the idea so I dug in and started by googling BDC, thank God this was my first stop! I found Steve Stauning's training and several other helpful things that have helped to curb most of the startup pain that most have to deal with when starting a BDC.

    I have always been a numbers guy and track everything not just with CRM reporting but use Excel as well so I know we are crushing it year over year and growing I now have 2 hand-picked agents that I train daily, I created a script for cold calling that has really just started to gain traction honestly as cold calling is a hard thing to get people to overcome the fear of doing, but since I am running such a hybrid set up I was hoping to get some feedback from the people that helped put me on this path. The only metric I can not track is the calls that were not logged, with that being said our numbers are even better I just can not quantify how much. In 2017 were logging roughly 200incoming sales calls and closing only 14%:oops: and campaigns were about 26 % of a whopping 20-30 leads put in CRM on average. in these short few months we went from averaging about 20% on roughly low to mid 200s on leads(phone and campaign) the store was averaging 8-900 total leads a month, almost half internet closing at 12% on average, to a solid 250 phone and campaign combined closing 32% while the store as a whole is averaging 200 fewer leads, we dropped a couple of the worthless providers at the first of the year, and I think b/c I log everything good bad or ugly we could actually be down an additional 50 -100 b/c people were not logging what they considered a bad up.
    Beyond improving my guys until they can produce same figures or better than me, or making more cold calls which would be nearly impossible without another guy, any ideas and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Long winded but the whole story.
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  3. VVAuto1

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    Getting Refreshed

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    May 18, 2012
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    Just like you dropped “worthless providers” utilize that mindset to manage your small teams time investment.

    Make sure every activity has value, if birthday calls are not effective, utilize their time to make other calls.

    For example,
    Recall calls - a great touchpoint and reason to get the customer to the dealer, makes a few pennies in service, builds a relationship with the customer and service, and ultimately you may pickup a few sales over time.

    Additionally, I’ve personally found we work so hard to set the appt and our campaigns around confirming our apts and no shows lack. When we added text message confirmations it took a little time but our show rate immediately increased 10%.

    Nothing sexy, just little inches that can add up
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