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Urgent Help Needed w Time Sensitive Problem Please!


Nov 27, 2017
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Hi guys, I have a serious issue. Was hoping for guidance (or prior experience here), please.
I am shocked and appalled. My question becomes: what happened to their honesty and integrity????
So, we sell & buy cars through Manheim, and they are the middle man, to offer SECURITY for both buyer & seller, correct? (Ultimately)

Meaning: buyers can do PSIs. They are guaranteed to get a title. Sellers have a safe selling environment. They are guaranteed to get paid, etc.
Manheim makes a HEALTHY (far too much) profit for providing this service. But whatever.

Now, I wanted to run a car through a sale with them (last week.) Car was 5 years old, 30k miles, high-line car, BUT had two issues, yes. So OF COURSE I chose to run it RED LIGHT, right?!

I announce this to dealer services, when getting run number. Announce my floor.
It's confirmed. I VERIFY IN MY WORKBOOK THAT THE CAR IS 'AS-IS.' I have a screenshot of this, thankfully!!!!

I don't rep the car (but so what???) A buyer buys it, on an 'IF'. I accept the IF bid, and about two hours later bring the title in (to another location.) Ask for a check. Front desk rep tells me, "we can't cut a check yet." I ask why.... "well, car is getting PSI. Can't issue check until it passes." I thought, then said -- "well that's odd! But I guess if the buyer wants to pay for that, whatever. BUT, it's not my problem, as I sold the car Red Light, heres title, I WANT MY CHECK!" She said "I show this car was sold Green Light." Bulllllllcrap!!!!!!

So come to find out, for whatever reason, auctioneer announces the car as Green light. BUT THAT'S NOT MY PROBLEM!!! I didn't hire the auctioneer. I did my due dilligence (three things in my mind):
1. With run number, announce car as red light
2. CONFIRM red light in my workbook (screenshot proof/evidence)
3. Bring title in/provide title

I MET *MY* CRITERIA!!! If Manheim, or their auctioneer, CANNOT READ or follow directions, that's their problem, NOT MINE!
Car failed PSI - Buyer backed out....

Well, Manheim needs to step up to the plate, admit their mistake, and simply put: pay me what the car sold for!!!!
Then, they fix it first - or simply just RUN IT THRU MERIDIAN REMARKETING (their own remarketing company)!!!!!!!! Take a loss and move on, Manheim! But it's about INTEGRITY (for me.) A man or a corporation's word, and honor. I am not responsible for what auctioneer did, and Manheim corporate should honor the IF bid/sale price, which I accepted.... I'm blown away to even be dealing with this for 5 days now....

Side notes:
1. Dealer services rep CONFIRMED to myself, the front desk manager at 2nd Manheim location, and the GM at 2nd Manheim location, that I ANNOUNCED THE CAR AS RED LIGHT, and should have been red light!!!!
2. I spoke with ASSISTANT GM at the location this occurred at, and he completely refused to do anything for me/help at all.... Said "I'm not taking that kind of loss. We can give you a good run number next week and try again, but that deal is off, we're not buying the car, it's your problem, it was simply an oversight by auctioneer (who is only human.) You can't hold us responsible.... We accept no responsibility whatsoever. We're sorry it happened but that's where our guiltiness ends. Tough luck, that's how the cookie crumbled...."
3. I lodged a complaint with Manheim Client Care in ATL. Just called them for update, we are currently waiting for answers/a response from the GM at location in question, to their inquiry (i.e. my facts presented.) NO time frame could (alledgedly) be given to me, as to when he may respond.... if he doesn't, who knows if this will ever even get resolved???
4. The company umbrella which I buy under (floorplan), does 2mil a month in business with Manheim... I would think that ALONE should be enough for Manheim to step up to the plate and make this right with me??? (Ie keep great customers happy!?)

Suggestions/input?? Hire a lawyer?? I find it difficult to do business with corporations I don't trust and cannot respect....
Note: in all fairness, I haven't read the National Automobile Association's guidelines on situations such as this - does anyone happen to know what they state?
Thanks so much in advance.
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May 19, 2011
Ontario, Canada
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I'm not sure how well this will go for you. If you hire lawyers, they'll probably be up against Manheim lawyers that are on retainer.

Do you have a contract with Manheim that you signed before you started auctioning cars through there? You might want to confirm what you've agreed to and nullified them of before proceeding further.
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Apr 14, 2009
Wichita, KS
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Seems what you are asking is pretty unreasonable. Manheim made a mistake, this doesn't mean you get to win the lottery. The car was run on a green light and brought more money than if it had been run on a red light. Why should they pay you more money than what your car should have brought? We've been buying cars from Manheim for twenty years and by and large they always make things right. At BEST they should offer to re-run your car with no sale fee and let the car sell.
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