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What can Mike theCarGuy do for your dealership/team/you? :)

Discussion in 'I'm Available for Hire!' started by mcorrera, Mar 24, 2016.

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  1. mcorrera

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    First Name:
    Dealer or Company Name:
    Riverside Chevrolet
    Twitter Handle:
    Nov 9, 2009
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    So Cal
    What I Say:
    “Using positive energy and pure ambition, I lead growth seeking automotive professionals toward daily victories – all while providing an unexpectedly pleasant and memorable experience for our customers.” Mike Correra Automotive Sales Manager

    Who I Am:
    People who know me describe me as ambitious, energetic and inspiring. My life is driven by passion for my wife and four children – the look and feel of muscle cars – the smell of the drag strip – pretty much anything 80’s – and being a student and a teacher in the car business.

    I am a true motivator and have the natural talent to energize those around me. My passion and enthusiasm are intrinsic and delivered it with the sole purpose to inspire others. Most of the time, I am viewed as the “go to guy” and seen as an expert in many areas. I find myself highly respected for my well-rounded knowledge of the auto industry, but I am best known for being the guy who leads, empowers and develops his people.

    Instinctively, I often raise the spirits of other people by putting aside what I’m doing and giving my team member my undivided attention. With an eye for raw talent, I use this natural born gift to differentiate people by focusing on their strengths.

    With a desire to learn and understand the ever-changing automotive industry, I keep the book of knowledge open. I gather all kinds of innovative and cutting edge data, then keep it at my fingertips in order to ensure my organization stays competitive in the market place.

    Although bold and direct when I speak, those around me know they can trust what I am saying. You can count on my sincerity while engaging with others. I believe it's important to make time to meet and connect with my team, and build a platform to cultivate mutual trust and respect – two values, of which, I will not compromise. During my daily mode of operation, I consistently leverage these values by walking the talk and delivering quantifiable results.

    Keeping it real, you can expect me to entertain with quick wit and a great sense of humor. I believe laughter is the best therapy and in business I provide a car buying experience that is extraordinarily pleasant and positively memorable.

    What I've Accomplished:

    Driven by a passion to make the car business a better place I have assisted dealers with developing sales teams that use today's technology to attract and interact with today's automotive shoppers. I have helped dealers create and manage their digital brands with a focus on social engagement and increasing digital visibility. With 28 years of progressive advancement in the retail automotive industry I speak the language of dealers while keeping an eye on changing technologies and an open mind for whats next.


    Raceway Ford - Riverside, CA
    Sales Director/eCommerce Manager/Digital Marketing Manager

    November 2013 - February 2016
    * Integral part of the dealership effort as it doubled annual new vehicle sales volume from 2013 through 2015 (600-1300+) significantly increasing profitability and local market share (3%- 8%).
    * Directly managed a sales team that held the highest gross average and sales efficiency with forward thinking leadership
    * Led multiple projects and initiatives including:

    ~Acquisition and installation of new CRM software including competitive research, implementation and training of staff resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiency in sales.
    ~Creation and implementation of Internet sales process, email and video templates and lead flow management
    ~Assistance with multiple community out reach projects including:

    * Drive 4 Ur School
    * Mission Inn Run
    * Citrus Heritage Run
    * Susan G. Komen Run
    * West Coast Thunder
    * Also facilitated dealership participation in more local events increasing visibility in the local community

    ~Claimed, created and managed all dealership business listings and profiles increasing the dealerships visibility via organic search dramatically increasing resultant leads, traffic and calls.
    ~Increased dealerships social media presence with focused attention on content marketing and engagement, ex: increased Facebook likes from 877 to over 9,400 with an average post reach of 1,300+. Increased visibility of dealers Google+ business page to over 1,400,000 views
    ~Created ongoing sales training curriculum with focused daily attention to the 'steps of the sale', phone skills and product knowledge
    ~Monitored dealer’s online reputation and ensuring with prompt responses and resolution of issues.
    ~Initiated partnership with automotive artist Danny Whitfield to provide a custom print to new Mustang owners increasing customer satisfaction and social conversation

    Companies I have also assisted in similar capacities:

    Fairview Ford - San Bernardino, CA
    Internet Sales Director/Social Media Manager

    Chino Hills Ford – Chino, CA
    Sales Manager/Social Media Coordinator

    DCH Gardena Honda - Gardena, CA
    New Car Sales Manager/Internet Sales Director/Social Media Manager

    Allstar Kia of San Bernardino - San Bernardino, CA
    Fleet/Internet Sales Director

    Raceway Nissan - Riverside, CA
    Fleet/Internet Sales Director

    Colonial Honda – Glendale, CA
    Fleet/Internet Sales Director

    Superior Nissan of Puente Hills – City of Industry, CA
    Fleet/Internet Sales Director

    Puente Hills Subaru – City of Industry, CA
    Internet Sales Department Director(Contracted Consultant)

    Valley Hi Honda/Nissan – Victorville, CA
    Fleet/Internet Sales Dept. Director

    Moss Bros Auto Group – Moreno Valley, CA
    Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Scion points

    Victorville Motors – Victorville, CA
    Sales Trainer/Manager (Desk)

    Penske Honda – Ontario, CA
    Internet Sales Deptment Director

    Riverside Metro Auto Group – Riverside, CA
    Sales Manager

    Riverside Chrysler Jeep – Riverside, CA
    General Sales Manager

    John Hines Auto Group/Glenwood Automotive Group- Glenwood Springs, CO
    General Sales Manager

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