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What is rejection and how can you deal with it?

Apr 16, 2021
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Rejection happens. Don’t take it personally. It’s more important to concentrate on how to make the dealership experience more appealing. Focus on exceptional customer service. You should be confident, but not arrogant – it can scare your clients away. Over 60% of people choose the dealership based on its reputation. Attentive service will lead to better reviews, which is not only a confidence booster but a great way to attract new clients.

Stay organized by having all the necessary information to sell cars in the most efficient way. All people want to save time – so help them! Provide your clients only with correct details about vehicles they are interested in. Salespeople can often irritate your prospects and waste more time selling different cars at the same moment. Increase their number to show customers you really care. Track every step to ensure you are moving in a right direction.


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