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WI Based Internet manager for hire

Discussion in 'I'm Available for Hire!' started by dwagner, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. dwagner

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    Ewald's Venus Ford
    Dec 15, 2011
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    Hi All,

    It saddens me to be posting this, but I am in the market after a combined 6+ years with a mid-sized Wisconsin based Chevrolet Family dealership. Long and short is we went through a buy - sell and the new company is going in a diffrent direction eith e-commerce. About me. I started in sales, back in early 2000, and right away took to the growing internet side of the buisness. At that time I handled leads, and sold directly to customers. I left the buisness for a few years in mid - late 2000 and, was in collections. I formed a stronger communication base, and really learned how to read customers. Also it gave me very strong phone skills. I returned to the same dealership in 2010 as Internet/Marketing/IT Manager. I brought in the first CRM to the Company, and reviewed almost every one out there. We went with E-lead, with a lot of help from this Site. I took care of the install, and training of our employees, with great help from ELEAD. I handled all of the incoming internet leads, and set the inital appointments, then turned over the customer to a salesperson for the sale. I took my department from a closing average of less thn 6% to a Zone best of over 16%, per GM numbers. I had us at just over 20%, but I am stIll pleased with the results. We used ADP, and I have touched on Rey Rey and looked at a few others. I handled all of our Internet product, Including Cobalt, E-Biz Autos, Dealer Specialties, Homenet, Elead, Carsforsale.com, Digital Air Strike, and reviewed and tested countless others. I have a strong grasp of SEO/SEM and I am very strong in Social media usage, and building. I handled all of our Print advertising as well, and created all of our flyers and ads. After the departure of our F&I manager, I stepped into that role also, and acquired very strong F&I skills. As you can see I have attained a very diverse skill set, at would really like to take a dealership to the next level. I am willing to relocate, and I m open to try new positions, or a combination position is an option also. I know how to get Gross out of my departments, and would love to talk. Thank you for taking a look, and let me know how I can help.
    As a closing note, I would really like to thank Jeff, Jerry, Doug, Alex, Joe and Everyone on this site that works so hard to make everyone's carrers better. I have attened a lot of seminars with some of them as speakers, and would not have half the knowledge I have without them, and this site.

    [email protected]
    262-490-0559 cell
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