Uncategorized awards
Birthday Today!
It's my birthday!!!
Total awarded: 15
Experience Positions held within the car business
Car Dealer
I work in a car dealership.
Total awarded: 919
I'm a dealer bounty hunter with amazing solutions.
Total awarded: 259
I show everyone where the carrot is and how to get it.
Total awarded: 108
Beam me up - we're engineering the greatest things on wheels.
Total awarded: 13
I'll make you famous!
Total awarded: 19
DealerRefresh Activity A show of how active someone is in these forums.
Not shy
Has posted more than 1,000 times
Total awarded: 0
My posts are Magnetic
Lots of people hit LIKE on my posts
Total awarded: 22
Quality Content
25% of my posts get liked
Total awarded: 69
I'm rare
More than half my posts are liked
Total awarded: 167
I'm back
Been away for more than 1 year
Total awarded: 0
Thread Starter
Created more than 20 new threads
Total awarded: 25
I've got peeps
At least 20 people follow me on DealerRefresh.
Total awarded: 9
My threads are the bomb
More than 1,000 responses to my threads
Total awarded: 4
I bring gifts
I have given more than 150 reactions to other people's posts
Total awarded: 23
I'm Off Topic
I started more than 50 threads in the Off Topic section
Total awarded: 19
Plugged in
I'm watching more than 20 threads.
Total awarded: 83
Poo Storm
I have posted some very unpopular stuff
Total awarded: 0
I'm a Lemon
I was banned
Total awarded: 0
DealerRefresh Contribution Things done to help the DealerRefresh Community
I am one of the founders of DealerRefresh
Total awarded: 2
I make this place function!
Total awarded: 4
DealerRefresh Dinosaur
I was here in the first 10 years of DealerRefresh (founded in April 2005)
Total awarded: 133