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  1. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Want to be part of the 1%...I can help.
  2. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab F*ck Customer Loyalty, Screw Data...Just close that Sh*t.
  3. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab This is the biggest deal of my illustrious career. After months of negotiation with Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, we have agreed to buy ever
  4. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Is your sales team lost? My rocketship can lead the way.
  5. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab In a dog-eat-dog industry... I'm a wolf.
  6. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab If you'd like a piece of me, visit my website.
  7. Brian Pasch

    Cable TV Advertising Survey for Auto Dealership Managers

    Cable companies are evolving their product offerings with digital advertising strategies for auto dealers. As more consumers "cut the cord" dealers can now advertise on multiple devices and follow local consumers everywhere! Consumers love the exclusive content that cable offers and dealers can...