auto industry

  1. Whitney Williams

    Do Customers Really Want Electric Vehicles?

    The short answer is yes—in due time. The need for more commonplace electric vehicles is growing. In some areas of the world, cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions is reaching critical importance. China and India are already visiting the need for electric buses because air quality stays...
  2. Cindy Kurman

    PR & News Fastlane Chooses F&I Express to incorporate VIN-Specific Vehicle Service Contract

    Fastlane, the developer of an increasingly popular e-commerce platform for car dealers, has chosen F&I Express to provide VIN-specific vehicle service contract and aftermarket pricing. Fastlane offers dealers an Amazon-like checkout process for consumers who wish to buy their car online. Savvy...
  3. Cindy Kurman

    PR & News Fastlane Launches E-Commerce Platform to Enhance the Car Buying Experience

    Dallas-based startup Fastlane has raised the bar for online car buying with the launch of its new e-commerce platform for automotive dealerships. The new platform offers car dealers the ability to customize and brand their online car buying experience, while providing customers with a...