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  1. BrendanHirstAE

    ActivEngage A VERY exciting announcement!

    ActivEngage and Cox Automotive Inc. have entered an exclusive partnership to streamline communications between Cox Automotive brands and customers! ActivEngage’s 24/7 people-powered messaging solutions are now available through Cox Automotive Digital Retailing brands and, Autotrader...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday The September 2021 Auto Biz News | DealerRefresh

    September 2021 Auto Biz News from DealerRefresh Our first ever news Vidcast on RefreshFriday! Bring your comments to this one folks as @Jeff Kershner and @Alex Snyder get interactive with every topic discussed. Fair ends subscription Rumors of layoffs JM&A + DealerPolicy + Darwin and what...
  3. Whitney Williams

    What Dealerships Can Learn From Blockbuster

    The year was 1997. Blockbuster looked down from its throne to scorn the new court jester. The jester danced with enthusiasm and grit, smiling warmly at the King of Video Rental. Blockbuster rolled its eyes and signed off on a late fee for Good Will Hunting. There are a few details to spare, but...
  4. Jeff Kershner

    Walmart Selling Cars - 1 year later (CarSaver)

    It's been almost 1 year since Walmart partnered with CarSaver - a digital automotive marketplace and car-buying program. They started off in 4 states - Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Virginia as well as on a microsite on (one that I can't seem to find anywhere on
  5. TomLaPointe

    October sales drop but Automotive News says SAAR still strong

    Check out the whole AUTOMOTIVE NEWS article... Preview: UPDATED: 11/1/17 4:08 pm ET -- adds more results U.S. auto sales slipped slightly in October yet the industry is in a position to chalk up its second-strongest selling rate of the year after a robust September. With all but one automaker...
  6. TomLaPointe

    Industry sales by brand October 2017

    From Automotive News: Automaker Oct. 2017 BMW - Mini - Rolls-Royce* - BMW of N.A. - Alfa Romeo 1,205 Chrysler 11,018 Dodge 24,476 Fiat 1,769 Jeep 67,074 Ram 47,831 FCA US 153,373 Maserati 1,140 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 154,513 Ford 190,789...