1. Chris Vitale

    Let's be Smart and Save the Chips....

    It's no secret that a shortage of chips continues to plague OEM's who are trying to produce vehicles. According to consumer reports, this remains a concern, given that the average car (not even top-line trim levels) uses as many as 36 chips. It's estimated that the chip shortage will cost the...
  2. Dan Sayer

    Low Inventory = Marketing Budget Adjustment?

    How are you handling low inventory, especially in New, and your marketing spend? Have you asked any of your Vendors for a price break, similar to last year when Covid hit? Aside from our other makes, we have three, soon to be four, Ford locations and are anticipating running on fumes in June...
  3. Alex Locklair

    Autotrader How Auto Dealerships Can Navigate the Chip Shortage, Tight Vehicle Inventory

    Author: Jade Terreberry Let the chips fall where they may. As supply chain disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a global chip shortage, carmakers and the automotive industry have been hit especially hard. But if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that our industry...
  4. Chris Vitale

    What’s a “chip shortage?”

    CLICK HERE - The negatively impacted makes and models from the chip shortage! Thoughts?
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