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  1. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Is your sales team lost? My rocketship can lead the way.
  2. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab In a dog-eat-dog industry... I'm a wolf.
  3. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab If you'd like a piece of me, visit my website.
  4. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Darlene Barra - Customer Testimonial

    Meet Darlene Barra. With 12 years of auto dealership marketing experience, she knows when she sees a good thing and Auto Encabulator is a good thing! To learn more visit our website
  5. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Want to make more money? Check out my latest innovation by clicking the link.
  6. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Are you a loser or a winner?
  7. Allison.Phelps Shoppers Logged a Record 30 Million Hours on the Platform Last Year, as More Americans Turn to Car Ownership

    Shoppers logged a record 30 million hours on over the last year, up a 9% YoY, as the stay-at-home economy took hold. First-time and urban buyers increasingly entered the auto market, reflecting a shift away from the public or shared transportation and heightened demand for the freedom...
  8. PR

    PR & News Dealer Inspire Selected by General Motors to Provide Leading-Edge Website Services to its 4,000+ U.

    Automotive technology leader selected as website provider for General Motors, giving 4,000+ U.S.-based Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac dealers access to advanced website platform. Dealer Inspire (DI), a (NYSE: CARS) company that provides disruptive technology and digital marketing...
  9. Carluminati

    Auto Vendors VS. Open Market

    So I'm one of the guys in the digital car space looking beyond what various auto vendors offer in our industry , compared to what's out there in the open market - to find similar technology which could procure the same result - for costing purposes. I'm coming to the conclusion more dealers...
  10. Jeff Kershner

    TAKE POLL Should your website be part of your marketing budget?

    Advertising is advertising. But do you consider your dealership website (desktop and mobile) to be advertising? On your statement, do you charge the cost of your dealership website to "line item" Advertising? In other words: Is the cost of your dealership website included in your overall...
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