1. Chris Vitale

    Why Training in the Budget

    Every year we’re asked to create the same budget to then change it mid-month until about May and then stop paying attention to it altogether. About the only consistent items we accounted for were the rent factor, management fee if part of a group, the DMS, the CRM and maybe the utilities. You...
  2. Chris Vitale

    Why is Training Like a Gym Membership

    Ugh, the "gym membership…." Half the battle is making the conscious decision to get that gym membership. But make no mistake, just because we have a gym membership doesn't mean we use it. Well, the same can be said for training. While you do have training in place for your Managers, Consultants...
  3. Chris Vitale

    Letter to myself

    Looking back 15 years ago at my role as General Manager, I would approach everything differently. Some time ago, I thought that going into the dealership and restructuring everything from day one was the way to go. But as you learn invaluable lessons from experience, you realize that not...
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