1. Brian.Pate

    Automated ACV Auctions Buying Software

    The last thing anyone wants to hear about right now is the "next best product". I hope this opens up meaningful discussions around dealer process automation. Specifically around how to find deals in less time/stress. We recently launched MyAutoHound. It automates the auction stalking...
  2. Retail My Ride

    A Dealer's Solution for Inventory Sourcing Problems: Consignment

    Recent article from a Texas auto dealer that uses consignment to source/supplement his inventory: Sometimes the best solutions are born from old concepts applied in a new and better way. That’s what we discovered by offering professional car consignment services to our retail customers when we...
  3. ryan.gerardi

    Finding the "Perfect Shopper" (within 30 Days)

    In this article on Ward's Auto about vehicle inventory being an asset or a liability, the author Valerie Vallancourt, VP of Marketing with Outsell, points out that "one of the dealership’s most visible assets – and often the biggest source of wasted budget and opportunity – is vehicle...
  4. basemmr

    Inventory Sourcing focused Discussion

    I think it's safe to say that any UCM, GM, or Owner will I agree that successful dealership starts with successful buys. That being said, many (if not most) of the dealers I interact with are so busy whining about all these new consumer resources (i.e. Carguru & KBB); That they, in-turn, end up...
  5. John Colascione

    Deals4Dealers Something New; I Call it TurboListings

    In case anyone would like to try something new, in 2015 when Craigslist began charging fees to post in the dealer section I built my own API posting software system to post vehicles. To optimise the listings, I then built-in something called a vehicle similarities database so when the system...
  6. Tyler Makin

    Deals4Dealers Try the LotPocket App for 30 Days Free

    Try LotPocket free for 30 days! Enable your sales team to search inventory from their phone and see brochures, safety ratings, incentives, and everything else they need all in one place. Stop using a slow, consumer-facing mobile site to find cars on the go. Upgrade to LotPocket, the only...
  7. John Colascione

    Deals4Dealers Having Trouble with Lead Gen on Used Inventory?

    *****The Dealer Refresh Deal****** 40% Discount for Used Car Inventory Marketing (either of the three packages) This is a deep discount and will probably put us at delivering it at cost. This offer is valid till June 1st, 2018 Here is my unique Deals4Dealers offer; a deep, 40% discount on...
  8. Jim Leman

    Master the Practice of Profitable Used Car Reconditioning

    Dennis McGinn,FOUNDER AND CEO OF RAPID RECON; [email protected]; March 2018 - AutoSuccess magazine - Here’s a question often asked when dealership group managers gather, which unfortunately typically goes unanswered: “How many of you know your average days in recon?”...
  9. Jeff Kershner

    All-New 3.0 - Press Release

    Anyone get leads from CarSoup anyways? All-New 3.0 is Bigger, Smarter and Faster! Bloomington, MN (January 10, 2018) – is proud to unleash the all-new 3.0, which offers buyers vehicle shopping power like never before. Just as set the standard...
  10. Carluminati

    Inventory protection Idea that doesn't work

    THIS IDEA SUCKED. Nobody gives a shit. Fuck it.
  11. Alexander Lau


    I am starting to see many dealers use this tool. Search 1000’s of WEBSITES with ONE CLICK! Fetch it. Blazing Fast. Find your New or Used vehicle at the best possible price. Is anyone using this? Looks like aggregation (probably done through scraping) that is sorted by price...
  12. Jeff Kershner

    How do you leverage your new car specials page?

    Our boy Dan just published an article over on the blog - "Are your new car specials, really special?" Here's a topic that seems to never get old. No matter what year it is. Dan offers several solid ideas on how to optimize and leverage your new car specials page on your dealership's website...
  13. Latoya

    Inventory Export Technology

    Hello Everybody, I'm am about to join a beautiful online platform that will allow me to advertise my cars online and manage my inventory and CRM effectively and efficiently, therefore I need to upload my inventory in their system but I have over 800 vehicles to register. Does anybody know of a...