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  1. Retail My Ride

    A Dealer's Solution for Inventory Sourcing Problems: Consignment

    Recent article from a Texas auto dealer that uses consignment to source/supplement his inventory: Sometimes the best solutions are born from old concepts applied in a new and better way. That’s what we discovered by offering professional car consignment services to our retail customers when we...
  2. Dan Sayer

    Toxic Backlinks? We are seeing an increase. Are you?

    Ladies and gents, According to my bruh, Chad Sabatka, we're seeing an increase in toxic domain names recently. We're only seeing this on a few sites, not all, trying to find out why. Finding some of this information in Google Search console, but most he's getting from SEM Rush backlink...
  3. Dan Sayer

    Did anyone else see AutoTrader Referral traffic tank in GA?

    Without going into the Classified vendor debate, did anyone with AutoTrader notice the Referral traffic (as labeled as Referral) tanked in the last 45 days? After digging into it, pushing the issue with them, insisting they check their UTM structure, I received this email from a regional rep...
  4. georgenenni

    General Motors Referral Traffic Falls off a Cliff?

    I've been posting examples of this issue on LinkedIn but wanted to share here in case some folks can shed some light. For Cadillac, Buick/GMC and Chevrolet dealers, I'm seeing a dramatic drop in Referral traffic from the OEM websites, but can't figure out why? Both sites are secure (https:)...
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