1. Chris Vitale

    Deals4Dealers Enhance conversion rates with phone scripts - Free from PhoneNinja

    In the age of social media and Zoom, is the old-fashioned phone call outdated? If you’re in the auto sales business, absolutely not. The humble telephone is still your most reliable source of auto buyer leads, whether you’re taking inbound calls from curious shoppers or reaching out to your...
  2. Alivia Heath

    Alerts in the Background….

    My question to you is, why are we alerting dealerships to everything that their salespeople are doing wrong if they don’t know what to do to fix it!? You know, those text and email notifications you get from your call tracking provider. The ones that tell you that your newest salesperson hasn’t...
  3. Alivia Heath

    Are You Just Making Excuses?

    Are You Just Making Excuses? Having been in the car business for nine years now on the vendor side, I have seen it ALL without even having to step foot into a dealership. But when I do happen to mosey on into the showroom (if I can make it in without someone basically greeting me in my...