1. D

    The mystery of the Dealership Website VDP URL by VIN

    Does anyone know of a redirect URL structure, for the below providers, that if you know the VIN, you can use that to get to the VDP page directly. As an example: uses That then redirects to the full VDP URL Any idea...
  2. Dan Sayer

    Inverse Relationship Between CarGurus and SRP/VDP Conversions?

    I've been tracking data from our 3rd Party Classifieds for a very long time and one of the (many) items I monitor is the SRP/VDP conversion. I feel this is one of the indicators of how well we are merchandising, pricing, etc our inventory. I've noticed this odd inverse relationship between...
  3. George Nenni

    YIKES! Autotrader Referral Traffic falls off a cliff in July 2018

    Noticing a sharp drop in Referral traffic from for my dealers across the country. Is everyone else seeing the same thing? Here is a YTD snapshot, with comparison to and Have tried investigating causes, maybe their recent changes in SRPs, VDPs, etc. Any...