1. Steve Stauning

    The Only Customer Service Lesson Your Team Will Ever Need!

    THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: HOW TO WOW EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER EVERY SINGLE DAY! In this Undeniable Advantage LIVE Video Webcast you'll learn everything you need to know to provide Real Customer Service and learn why Real Customer Service means never having to say you're sorry. Learn how to control...
  2. Steve Stauning

    Seriously, Even AutoNation Can't Get Their Specials Pages Right?

    I was showing a client a demo of something today and came across this specials page on an AutoNation site: This is still 2016, right? Holy cow, if AutoNation can't keep robust, converting specials on their websites, what's that say about the rest of the industry. Oh, yeah, I recently...
  3. Steve Stauning

    TAKE POLL The Coming Self-Driving Car Disruption

    There's been near-constant chatter about the coming "revolution" in new car sales since at least 1997 and although there has certainly been an evolution, there has been no non-recession disruption to the livelihoods of Dealers or dealer groups over that time. Well, I strongly believe there is a...