1. Jason@nabthat

    PR & News Toyota and Lexus Hacked

    Toyota and Lexus Central Dealership data center in Japan was hacked last week. Read the Forbes article below: Might be a good time to look at how data flows through your dealership and website...
  2. TomLaPointe

    Sales down for 6th month... WHY?

    Sales are down for 6th straight month - even JEEP. Japanese brands up a tic, US & Korea drop... Why do you think and what can be done? Detroit Free Press article snip... Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced its sales fell 7% in June while sales also fell 5.1% for Ford and 4.7% for General...
  3. ErdmanMotors

    New Toyota MAAP Pricing Trainwreck

    As I'm sure most of you know Toyota just went to the new MAAP pricing guidelines which limits the allowable advertised discount on any new Toyota. In my market discount has been a driving factor ie ($8K off an a new Camry). Since we are in a smaller market on an island we relied heavily on...