1. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Congrats! “The Wobblies” TradePending Customer Awards

    Congrats! Please join us in congratulating twenty three TradePending customers for winning awards in “The Wobblies,” the inaugural TradePending customer awards. The name “The Wobblies” references our semi-lovable mascot, Peep, otherwise known as the wobbly bird. Here’s the backstory on Peep...
  2. Matthew Davis

    PR & News TradePending's Newly Re-Designed Market Report

    Take a look at our newly re-designed market report! When it launched in 2014, TradePending’s SNAP market report instantly became a game-changer for consumers looking to value their trade-in. For the first time in forever, consumers could see local supply and demand for their trade-in, along with...