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  1. PR

    PR & News Releases "HOT CAR" Feature & Visual Badge

    Announcing 'Hot Car' Badges to Fuel Demand for Your Dealer's Inventory We ( are excited to share that "Hot Car" badges have been added to our suite of price contextualization badging on With "Hot Car" badging, is fueling demand for your inventory to help turn...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    Wyper - the Tinder of car shopping. Ever heard of it?

    If you're not familiar Tinder, it's somewhat of a dating app where you're presented a photo and short description of someone and you swipe left for Yes or right for No. Or something like that. Anyways, these type of apps seem to all the craze right now. At least up until a few weeks ago, before...
  3. Jeff Kershner

    Inventory Management - What's your Favorite Feature?

    What Inventory Management application are you currently using and why, and what's your favorite feature(s)? If your CRM offers inventory management and you're using it, include it. Maybe the integration is your favorite feature. Some website providers offer inventory management (though...
  4. LotPop

    What is your new car pricing strategy

    How do you price your new cars? Do you: 1. use your website to price them and have it calculate a dollar amount or percentage of MSRP or invoice (set it and forget it feed) 2. just price at MSRP 3. use a software product (like vAuto's Conquest) tool which gives you a deeper dive on market trends...
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