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Bought car on Manheim with my uncle's account but what about title?

Oct 5, 2020
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I recently used my uncle's Manheim account to buy a car from an online auction in PA and had the the car sent to me in NJ. I also had the title mailed straight to me.

Since I bought it from a wholesale manheim dealer, who bought it from a dealer, who bought it from the original owner, ... there is no room on the title to put new info, so (i think) they supplied me with a "motor vehicle title reassignment supplement" (along with the title). The Motor Vehicle Title Reassignment Supplement is from Florida.
The Motor Vehicle Reassignment Supplement is made out to my uncles company.

My question is: Can I get a Vehicle Purchase Order from my uncle? Or does he have to register the car in his company's name and then sell it to me? His company is in California and I am in NJ.

Can I just go to the NJ DMV with the title, reassignment supplement, and purchase order and get it in my name without my uncles company ever doing any paperwork on the car?

Thank you all in advance!

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