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Flat Pricing and two very bad pricing strategies


Lot Lizard
Sep 25, 2013
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Two very bad pricing strategies below and the second one is worse.


By pricing the F-150 at $50,200 you are missing shoppers searching for a "truck" or F-150 for under $50,000 for $200 and on the Edge, that dealer is missing shoppers shopping for an "SUV" or an Edge under $35,000 for JUST $62. Price at $50,000 or $35,000 to grab the $50k and higher shopper along with the $50K and lower shoppers.

I did an article in 2011 in Digital Dealer covering what I called "Flat Pricing" and in the comments I included a workshop I did covering this strategy.

If you would like to schedule a time to discuss best practices, here is a link to my calendar, pick a day and time that works for you and it will set up a zoom meeting https://calendly.com/lotpop/30min