ActivEngage How to Reassure Customers in an Inventory Shortage


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Aug 11, 2021
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Brian Pasch (Expert on all things in the automotive and automotive retail space. You have likely heard of him. If not check him out!) recently published a blog highlighting some barriers to entry on dealership websites and the frustrations it caused for him in the car buying process. (Read that here)

We had similarly noticed these small but powerful oversights and share those sentiments as a live messaging provider who chats for thousands of dealerships every day.

And so, we wanted to weigh in on the topic and provide solutions on how you can engage and reassure your curious potential car shoppers in the midst of an inventory shortage. ✍✨

Click HERE to read our new blog, How to Reassure Customers in an Inventory Shortage!

Dealership folks, what are you doing to reassure and engage your potential customers in this chip+inventory shortage? Any additional insights you can offer from your perspective? We would love to learn more and discuss!

Stay safe and be well!
The ActivEngage Team
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