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PR & News I created an Automotive News summary newsletter


Nice idea.

Are you going to keep this for just the insider industry things for professionals, or is this something consumers can also use? (i.e. to see if a car they're considering to buy is a good option).

Also, if I were you, maybe try getting a more modern UI. There's a lot of whitespace on your site. Add a light grey background (I like #F6F6F6) and a solid outline with a stroke of 2 on your elements and it'll look a lot better.

Some other things:

- Add Hero Banner
- Space out Cards under Latest Editions to 80-90% display width.
- Add an image for each news story.
- Wrap all individual elements in one master group to avoid a floating effect.
- Get a recognizable logo
- Nav bar should have more buttons, the Automotive News should be placed under your "logo" in a column group. Master group for the Nav Bar should be a row.

I wrote the entire thing in web dev terms. If you want me to simplify it down, lmk.

Also sent you a personal message with a couple more suggestions.