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Need advice, located CT/NY

Sep 8, 2021
First Name
Hey everyone,
My name is Christian I am from CT. Have previously spent years working in the auto biz, recently switched to Aerospace but as a car enthusiast and lover I have had a lifelong dream since childhood of running my own dealer. I buy and sell specialty Niche vehicles often, and I want to focus full time on my own operation. In CT there is no wholesale license according to dmv, only new/used dealer and repair/general repair etc. I was wondering if anyone here from the CT or NY Area has experience opening there own dealer, and would be willing to explain or guide me on the best way to do it without spending a fortune. I am not looking to have a full blown dealer with a high inventory but rather a couple cars here and there that are (as said before) Niche, Rare, etc. I am trying to figure out how some people get the license from CT/NY with essentially a small small building or garage spot and I am having a hard time finding any property to rent out or buy that is not insanely expensive for anyone starting off on there own who was not born on top into a golden nest.
I am interested in figuring out everything about licensing in CT and NY if easier (friend has a property in NY that I can use if needed but i would need to figure out the paperwork end of it) as well as what is needed when selling these cars officially without spending thousands a month on a CRM system that prints everything out for you. Also, I was going to post this in the independent section but that thread does not appear to be as active. Thank you for the help and I am more than willing to reimburse anyone who would be willing to take the time to guide me through this if necessary. God bless
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