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Our dealers using 360 cameras for inventory?


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Feb 17, 2015
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Is anyone using 360 cameras for your new or used inventory? And how are you displaying those on your website with what software? And are you finding that third party's offer support for 360 photos? If you don't do it or you don't see the support, is that something you're interested in?
We tried the interior 360 thing a while back but the picture quality just wasn't there. Couldn't read anything on the dash and fringing was very bad. Example from 2016. We were using the Ricoh Theta, but I am sure the newer cameras are better.
If you are considering 360 interiors, include quality shots alongside like what @KiwiDan is doing. Let the 360 be a secondary for the cool factor.
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Interior 360 is a standard feature of our dealer photo software. About 98% of customers use it. We use the latest Ricoh Theta model - the SC2 B2B. Here’s an example with hotspots.

Their HDR exposure provides nice color definition. The camera is 6K. We’ve tested their 11K camera but it doesn’t provide a big jump in picture definition. You can zoom the Theta panorama. But you’ll still need to take interior detail photos (our pics feature 4K displayed resolution).

Speaking of virtual 3D, we’re releasing SpinSmart, which uses a video walkaround and includes AI and 3D background. I appreciate any feedback. Here is a video about the full process and an actual production.
How did you come up with 98%?

I've always liked this technology but I click on dealer and see if it works and haven't found one that does.

Is that you site? Here's a few things I came across. (sorry work habit ... I debug software a lot during my day)
There is some lag, I had to refresh to unstick the image. The constant moving gives me vertigo (this could be an accessibility issue), you can click on the driver door but no click for the passenger door. Once you click the hot spot, you can't zoom the picture.