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Outsource BDC Vendors


Dec 10, 2022
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Are you looking for inbound and outbound, only outbound prospecting, only reception?
There are quite a few providers, but many of them bundle their services differently based on what you're looking for.

I am looking for inbound and outbound. Can you recommend me some providers and pricing if you know it ?
Dec 2, 2021
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We have Virtual BDC solutions at FRIKINtech. Pricing is dependent on your specific needs and our agents are USA based. Inbound starts at $2.50/minute, and Outbound starts at $14/lead; however, I have a soft spot for independent dealers so we may be able to negotiate on price. Feel free to book some time on my calendar to see if we might be a fit. CLICK HERE TO BOOK ON MY CALENDAR
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Mar 15, 2023
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Hello mates, i am an independent dealer and looking for a outsource low cost BDC company. What are the average industry pricing for independents normally and what are your recommendations for 100 car inventory ?
Matteon, are you located in the states? My company is not a BDC company, but because of what we do we were asked by our clients to help source a center. We are currently partnered with a company that is the best I have ever seen. They are capable of inbound/outbound for sales and service. If you are interested reach out to me, while they are competitive price wise, cost should be a secondary concern(within reason) as the spread in quality is massive.