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Shots Fired by GM North American

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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"Not waiting around is GM’s North American President Steve Carlisle who fired this recent warning shot by telling dealers straight up that they risk having their vehicle allocation redirected to other dealers who aren’t being bad actors in the new car sales process."

My favorite response in the comments:

Adhering to Market Supply and Demand, especially in severe shifts like the current situation, is not illegal, unethical, or unwarranted. Dealers are having to compensate for lots volume sales of inventory by trying to sell high-demand cars for adjusted increased values. Ferrari dealers have done this forever, as have any other dealers of in-demand cars or other premium goods and services.

Somebody is going to mark up ZO6s somehow, and you’re a little late to the party GM. Dealers have been selling the C8s at huge premiums since they were introduced, just like they’ve been doing for years and years and years. Stop playing an ethics card you don’t have. GM has never been a shining paragon of virtue to be lecturing others on ethnicity. Just build good (and better) vehicles. Stop trying to police the free market and be a supplier for demand.

You’ve done nothing for the industry or consumers, Carlisle. Don’t try to start now, lap dog boy.


3rd Base Coach
Apr 30, 2009
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"Somebody is going to mark up XXX somehow"

If dealers don't mark-up, consumers (private party, brokers, UC dealers, etc) will find a way to buy and then resell for a profit. Dealers see that and think they are leaving money on the table - and I agree.

People complaining about "mark-ups" -- don't complain, just don't buy. Not like anyone is holding you hostage to sign on the dotted line.

And the "consumer" side is doing the same thing private party. Cars, trucks, razors, dirt bikes -- all marked up privately. I have been trying to buy a new (to me) toy - used (private party) over MSRP - even a 2-3 year old rig. Don't see anyone complaining about making all the money on that side.

Stop trying to police the free market and be a supplier for demand. << AMEN @ All OEMs
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