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  1. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Lisa Thu - Customer Testimonial

    Don't waste your time with pointless data... encabulation is the secret sauce to success.
  2. Chad Collins Sr. III

    Encab Darlene Barra - Customer Testimonial

    Meet Darlene Barra. With 12 years of auto dealership marketing experience, she knows when she sees a good thing and Auto Encabulator is a good thing! To learn more visit our website
  3. Cindy Kurman

    PR & News Fastlane Chooses F&I Express to incorporate VIN-Specific Vehicle Service Contract

    Fastlane, the developer of an increasingly popular e-commerce platform for car dealers, has chosen F&I Express to provide VIN-specific vehicle service contract and aftermarket pricing. Fastlane offers dealers an Amazon-like checkout process for consumers who wish to buy their car online. Savvy...
  4. D

    Service Margins

    What services at an auto shop or dealership have the highest margins? I would like to know specific and common services, and what their costs are as well as their average retail price.
  5. U

    Is DDC ( charging higher from their clients?

    From past one month I am looking for digital advertising service providers and how much do they charge from their clients, but after getting quotes from various vendors I realized that DDC ( is charging $1000/month as a fixed management fees for only search and display advertising...
  6. Amelia Meijer

    Best Place to Buy used Cars in Netherlands?

    I am searching for good & trusted online place in the Netherlands, from where I can get perfect used & new cars. Could someone please suggest few names? Thanks
  7. U

    Digital Advertisers Pricing

    Hello! I am looking for a Digital Advertising Solution provider for US region for a group of 20 dealers, also i am seeking some help on how these people charge a dealer for the services rendered. In particular the providers I am looking at are and C4 analytics.