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  1. kevinfrye

    Promoted Article Digital Dealer Vegas 2021 REVIEW with Kevin Frye | #digitaldealer

    April Rain and Julie Frye having a Grizzly Experience I can bearly believe it… Me: “Uh, what exactly is this?” Montana Mountain Man named Kal Bozeman: “Grizzly milk, would you like to try some?” Me: “Does it work?” Kal: “My Dad raised my brother Bo and I on it” (as I look UP to each of...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    Events & Workshops ATTEND: Online Sales Success Workshop - JUNE 18th

    The Annual Online Sales Success Workshop is hosted by the ONE and ONLY - COREY MOSLEY!! It's that time again, time for the one and only Cory Mosley to host his Annual Online Sales Success Workshop. Join Cory and the great line-up of speakers TUESDAY, JUNE 18TH, 2019 in RICHMOND, VIRGINIA at...
  3. Jeff Kershner

    Kevin Frye's Review of Digital Dealer 22

    Woo hoo! It’s spring break! I mean – “Hey boss, is it OK if I go to Digital Dealer 22 in Tampa to learn about the latest and greatest in automotive digital?” Use your noggin knucklehead! The last approach might be more successful if you want to join fellow dealers in sunny Florida to work...