customer engagement

  1. Marc Lavoie

    I was wrong... Can car dealerships can REALLY use AI?

    I'll be honest, I thought AI couldn't be integrated in dealer solutions yet without being IFTTTs. Turns out I'm starting to think I was wrong. Here's my interview with :
  2. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall COVID-19 and Connection Rates

    It’s common knowledge that COVID-19 has affected everything in our lives. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, sending your kids back to school, or even just watching TV… nothing is the same anymore. In the automotive world, we’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the Coronavirus...
  3. Jeff Kershner

    Promoted Article Stop Trying to Netflix and Chill Your Customers

    Stop Trying to Netflix and Chill Your Customers With customers going farther down the purchase path online (if not all the way), their expectations for retail salespeople have changed drastically...stop trying to Netflix and Chill your customers before the first date! Check out the latest...
  4. Alexander Lau

    FOMO / Customer Engagement Software apps

    FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’ is a psychological term used to describe anxiety about missing out on something exciting and trendy. I'm seeing these everywhere... are dealers using these? I've not seen them. Maybe slightly too obtrusive?