1. M

    Cargurus, Autotrader,, and CarFax - How much effort?

    How much time and resources does it take you and your sales team to have to enter new inventory on your own website alongside all these partner marketplaces? And when working with multiple marketplaces, how much time does it take to make sure your inventory pricing is aligned across all of them...
  2. jwittler

    PR & News Help us Work with DHS to #AllowSafeAutoSales

    Hello friends. Jacob from here. Yesterday,, Dealer Inspire and DealerRater joined the fight to advocate for indy and franchise dealerships to be permitted to sell and lease vehicles to support the rest of critical infrastructure during this time. We believe this can be done...
  3. Salik Ansari

    How much do online auto marketplaces (CarGurus, AutoTrader,, TrueCar) charge?

    Hello everyone I'm a stock research analyst (interested in US and Canadian equities) and have just started looking into the Online Automobile Marketplaces space to see if any stocks catch my eye. I have been trying to find the different plans these online auto marketplaces offer to dealers...