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How much do online auto marketplaces (CarGurus, AutoTrader, Cars.com, TrueCar) charge?

Oct 8, 2019
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Hello everyone

I'm a stock research analyst (interested in US and Canadian equities) and have just started looking into the Online Automobile Marketplaces space to see if any stocks catch my eye.

I have been trying to find the different plans these online auto marketplaces offer to dealers, but I cannot find the price plans anywhere online. All I could find is that these companies typically provide a free/basic service but with limited options and also provide multi-tiered and price point offerings.

As an investor, it is essential for me to understand the current pricing and product offering gap between different players and try to judge how much of a pricing power do each of the players have.

I would like if dealers who are using any one of these services to share their pricing and plans here, even if its an approximate number. Any information that you provide regarding this would be really helpful!