1. Brian Michael West

    Mandatory Digital Retailing tool for Nissan Dealers through CarSaver?

    Nissan is tapping CarSaver for a mandatory digital retailing offering on all websites....but what happens when a dealer says no? I've been hearing rumors of dealers rejecting the $1,900/mo digital retailing tool and Nissan pressuring them with showing only MSRP on NissanUSA's website. Can...
  2. TomLaPointe

    Sales down for 6th month... WHY?

    Sales are down for 6th straight month - even JEEP. Japanese brands up a tic, US & Korea drop... Why do you think and what can be done? Detroit Free Press article snip... Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced its sales fell 7% in June while sales also fell 5.1% for Ford and 4.7% for General...