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  1. C

    What's your most creative campaign

    I am relatively new to the auto-industry and would love to hear about some of the creative campaigns to get some inspiration.
  2. Jason@nabthat

    Segmenting Audiences in Google & Facebook

    Just wanted to get an understanding from the forum on how dealers and their ad agencies are currently utilizing segmentation in Google Analytics/Adwords & Facebook to better deliver ads to their appropriate customer base. We have noticed when setting up goals and segments for dealers that the...
  3. nminh.hoang1023

    Reporting Template for Adwords, Facebook, Twitter & Bing Data

    Hi everyone, Continuing my previous post about Google Data Studio template for Facebook Ads, we've just developed another template for mixed paid channels, including AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and Bing data. The template and instructions can be found on our blog...
  4. Jeff Kershner

    Google Says NO MORE Pop-Ups in 2017!

    Google announced that they will be penalizing websites that use "interruptive" pop-ups, especially if they cover a significant amount of the page. Come'on Google, not all pop-ups are bad. Many bloggers, marketers and webmasters swear by them for list building and lead conversion. We have...
  5. ryan.gerardi

    Ways to Reach Buyers at Every Stage

    Would you agree that your digital marketing is less and less effective every year? That’s not because you’re doing anything wrong, it’s more the fact that there are just more players coming into the game every month with the same tactics you've had success with which are now diluting the playing...