1. dnovotny

    How do you manage your OTT advertising?

    Just wondering what service/company/platform you are using to manage OTT advertising?
  2. D

    PR & News We Need to Break Up - The Year We Said Goodbye to the News.

    COVID-19. Just like that, our business, strategy, staffing and more has changed. As someone fairly weathered in the auto industry, a pandemic seems like the natural next step in what seemed like a nice break from tsunamis, recalls, hurricanes and government shutdowns. But the dam has broken...
  3. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday OTT w/ Dean Evans and Chris Marshall

    This RefreshFriday - Dean Evans is hot off the OEM train and has a big seat on the OTT train today. OTT at that is. We plan to ask him and Chris Marshall, Head of Data Solutions - FUEL at, why OTT is so hot for car dealers. And how progressive dealers are grabbing eyeballs...