phone process

  1. Teresa Bordenet

    Resource How to Combat Inbound & Outbound Phone SPAM at your Dealership 1.0

    Your dealership relies on the phone. You can’t ignore incoming calls and you can’t stop calling your leads. So how can you combat inbound and outbound spam to ensure you’re focusing on the calls that matter and reaching your targeted customers? This guide will present digestible information on...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    AI Assistant Phone Calls - will this really work?

    60% of small business (guessing dealers are not included) do NOT offer online booking / scheduling. Google Duplex believes they have a solution with AI. Have you seen this? What are the possibilities for our industry with such technology? Are are already seeing some of this with AI Chat.
  3. Bridgette Flora

    Policing the Intersection Where Marketing and Training Dollars Meet

    Having your phone process deliver a great customer experience requires planning and commitment. Generating great results requires many things to work well and work well together. Marketing needs to generate high quality leads, BDC’s have to convert opportunities into appointments, sales agents...