1. Chris Vitale

    Ninjas Who Needs a Consistent Sales Process? (hint, we all do!)

    We'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy the stint when cars drove off the lot faster than we could purchase more inventory. But as that winds down, we must ask ourselves, "are we prepared to sell cars again?" Let's be honest; in the last three years, we could easily overcome objections, and...
  2. Chris Vitale

    Ninjas BDC and Sales/Service Staff: There’s a difference in their phone process… but should there be?

    There is nothing better than a well-oiled machine when it comes to working efficiency. On a dealership level, by that, I mean - everyone has a set of specific tasks, they focus on completing while co-workers perform separate/similar work for the greater good as well. In theory, this is the way a...
  3. Chris Vitale

    Service to Sales Handoff: When, How, and Why

    At a dealership, we are responsible for doing everything we can for our customers. Sales and Service are set up to make a profit in their respective departments; however, sometimes their paths cross when it comes to assisting a customer to the fullest extent in an all-too-common situation… When...