1. Ted Gaines

    The Used Car Roller Coaster - Hold On!

    - Used vehicle pricing is declining from its record levels - Focus to maximize margin contributions - Everyone in the operation contributes - Measure, support, and recognize contributors - Reconditioning can be the biggest profit lever It’s been a roller coaster ride for the past many months...
  2. Ted Gaines

    Reconditioning is Mining Your Inventory for Margin - Don't Walk Away From It

    I read a comment recently in one of the other online forums for Used Car dealers. The poster, a dealer principal, wrote: “With reconditioning cost through the roof these days I prefer to buy as ready as possible. I feel my money is better spent on the frontline ready car..” Really? Of course...
  3. Ted Gaines

    PR & News New Product for Reconditioning Operations
  4. Ted Gaines

    Do Used Car Customers Buy Old Cars? We Have The Answer.

    Are your customers buying cars older than you are willing to sell? If your dealership automatically wholesales out all trade-ins more than three or four years old, you may want to reconsider. Why? Because you might be ignoring a large sector of the used car buying public. Understanding your...
  5. Ted Gaines

    PR & News EchoPark Automotive Selects AutoMobile Technologies

    EchoPark Automotive Selects AutoMobile Technologies Software to Manage Its Massive Reconditioning Operations ReconMonitor's workflow and process management helps maintain efficiencies for high-volume reconditioning PRESS RELEASE UPDATED: OCT 25, 2018 NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. and PLAINVIEW, N.Y...
  6. Jim Leman

    The Economic Facts for Automated Recon

    Dealers tell us they make $50 in cost, gross improvement and increased turn rate for every $1 spent to automate their reconditioning operations. For dealers reconditioning just 50 cars a month, the return on investment is $15 for every $1 spent. Look hard elsewhere, but you’ll not find a better...
  7. Jim Leman

    Increase Profits By Reducing Your Recon Timeline –

    Looking to increase used car inventory turn and capture better margins - find out how do so here:
  8. Jim Leman

    Enjoy a $50 return for $1 spent

    Strategic reconditioning workflow tools and time to line (T2L) disciplines make modern velocity-based inventory management most effective for a dealership. T2L increases turn, streamlines processes, and structures and organizes the many steps required to move vehicles from acquisition to the...
  9. Jim Leman

    Master the Practice of Profitable Used Car Reconditioning

    Dennis McGinn,FOUNDER AND CEO OF RAPID RECON; [email protected]; March 2018 - AutoSuccess magazine - Here’s a question often asked when dealership group managers gather, which unfortunately typically goes unanswered: “How many of you know your average days in recon?”...
  10. Jim Leman

    Why You Need Rapid Reconditioning

    Not to be simplistic, but you already know the answer to the question, “Why do I need rapid reconditioning?” You need it because time is money. If you can’t measure recon speed and maintain process accountability accurately, any cycle time your team offers is just a wild guess. In our...
  11. simpledealersuite

    Amazon Alexa & Simple Recon @ Digital Dealer 22 #Booth-741

    Simple Recon is delighted to reveal that the company’s Amazon Alexa Skill is now available to clients all over the world. Simple Recon is a trusted name amongst the automobile dealerships for their top-rated software for the tracking of used vehicle reconditioning process. The company strongly...