refresh fridays

  1. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Kent Lund & Joe Pistell AND Photo Booths!

    We have Kent Lund from - from OVAD Custom Stages and Uncle Joe Pistell will also be joining us today due to his expertise in setting up dealer photos booths as well. RefreshFriday LIVE Today at 1:00 PM EST The developer of Carvana's photo booth ( is here to help us explore...
  2. ryan.gerardi

    Live Broadcast RefreshFriday "LIVE" on DealerRefresh - 2017 Weekly Broadcast Updates

    Rather than create an individual discussion thread for each Refresh Friday broadcast, I'm creating this one thread where I will begin updating everyone about each upcoming event, and will also embed the recordings of each event here afterwards. This way, ALL Refresh Friday webinars will be...
  3. ryan.gerardi

    Introducing Refresh Fridays - Weekly Broadcast Series

    This post is in correlation to the blog announcement, Introducing the Refresh Fridays Weekly Broadcast Series on DealerRefresh where we explain why and how the Refresh Fridays broadcast series was formed and what it's all about. Be sure to review the blog for detailed information about this...