1. bobbyloch

    Display Ad Retargeting - How Do You Get Engagement?

    Hello Everyone! While reviewing our dealerships retargeting efforts, I've been thinking about ways to create more engaging and higher converting display ads. I have already been paying attention to the ads that are served up to me (industry related and non-industry), however I thought this would...
  2. Jeffrey Tognetti

    6600 Dealership Website Hack? - SpinCar At It Again? Clarivoy "hack the dom"

    Hello All, It appears SpinCar may be selling and/or diverting your website visitor data (maybe even lead data) to multiple 3rd parties AGAIN. And guess what, many of these 3rd parties may also be reselling and/or using your visitor data against you. Using Builtwith there are 6,600 instances...
  3. Steve Stauning

    Deals4Dealers Instantly Retarget Site Visitors - 60-Day Free Trial

    Just announced: Our usual 30-day free trial is increased to 60 days for dealers who mention DealerRefresh. Instant Retargeting is the only way to target your site visitors immediately after they've moved on from your site. It generates first-party leads that are truly incremental and that...
  4. Alexander Lau

    Direct Mail Retargeting

    Turn Online Traffic Into Offline Customers Retarget previously anonymous website traffic with a custom direct mail postcard delivered to their home within days of visiting your site.
  5. Alexander Lau

    Personalized, Automotive TV Ads? UK commercial public service broadcaster Channel 4 has unveiled an interactive VoD format that enables advertisers to incorporate the individual names of viewers of its All 4 catch-up service into the audio of...