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  1. Chad Collins Sr. III

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  2. Steve Stauning

    Crusty Old Sales Leads

    Last month I wrote a post for DealerRefresh on how dealers that want to be successful in a flat-to-down market need to focus more on some of the "old school" stuff like processes, phones, measuring ROI, and (especially) those crusty old sales leads. While most of the feedback has been aligned...
  3. leadlocate

    Texting, Social Media, and Local Classifieds

    Why do most dealers seem to ignore such a big market segment? People love to text (FCC compliant way), yet most dealerships don’t have SMS marketing strategy. People post qualifying buying triggers on social media every day, yet most dealers just advertise not engage. Local Classified sites are...
  4. Jeff Kershner

    What are the TOP CRM Reports are you looking at each day?

    I don't care what CRM you're using... what are the most important reports that you MUST review each day? The GO TO reports you MUST review each morning in order to track your team's performance - on "internet" leads. And not so much "marketing reports", unless it corresponds to tracking a...
  5. Jeff Kershner

    Kershner's back to the dealer diary

    It's been a bit over 10 years since I've been on ground level (day to day operations) at the dealership. Since then, was on the "corporate" level for one of the more larger groups in the US, director of marketing for a smaller group in my hometown, helped build and get AutoHook off the ground...
  6. Steve Stauning

    ZMOT, Big Data, Micro Moments and the Overthinking of Everything

    As our friend Jeff Kershner so eloquently Tweeted last week: “A few years ago everyone was going BONKERS over ZMOT and now going BONKERS over Micro-moments. It's like breaking up a turd into pellets.” While I might have stated it differently, for 99.9% of companies out there his sentiments are...
  7. Jeff Kershner

    Let's call it Sales Forecasting - but it's not really.

    Our good friend and long time community member @jonberna published an article over on the blog today, titled "These 3 Basic Elements will have you TRUSTING your Dealer Forecasting". No more gut decisions when forecasting monthly sales (and service) goals. A monthly sales goal can be used as a...