1. Tyler Makin

    Deals4Dealers Try the LotPocket App for 30 Days Free

    Try LotPocket free for 30 days! Enable your sales team to search inventory from their phone and see brochures, safety ratings, incentives, and everything else they need all in one place. Stop using a slow, consumer-facing mobile site to find cars on the go. Upgrade to LotPocket, the only...
  2. georgenenni

    Google My Business keyword report, anyone seeing this yet?

    Thanks to a recent tweet by @ericmiltsch of Dealer Teamwork, I learned of this new development: I'm not seeing it so far for any of my dealer-customers, how about you all? If so, please share a screen...
  3. georgenenni

    Any Google SiteLink Experts out there?

    I met with a medium size dealer group today, they presented an interesting challenge that I can't seem to find a successful example of, or an answer to. They have 6 or so stores, and they want their group-site SiteLinks to appear on Google organic search with each store listed. Typically with...
  4. Alex Snyder

    You can Bump it Tuesday with this cool search With that link Google will give you DealerRefresh blog and forum results. It is far more powerful than the search at the top of this page....hell, that one barely works. Yes, we need to do something about there.