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  1. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Can you guess the value of a trade-in?

    Easily one of the most fun videos we (TradePending) have put out this year. We sat down with four of our favorite customers at NADA 2022. They’re all experts and professionals in the automotive industry, but not experts at valuing vehicles. We decided to make them squirm a bit by guessing...
  2. RefreshFriday Ep. 37 eBlock's Mike DeCecco on Trade-in leads

    RefreshFriday Ep. 37 eBlock's Mike DeCecco on Trade-in leads

    Why do trade-in leads suck? Too many dealership employees do not handle them well because they start the relationship, between the customer and the dealer, ...
  3. DealerRefresh RefreshFriday Ep. 20 Brice Englert talking Trade Pending

    DealerRefresh RefreshFriday Ep. 20 Brice Englert talking Trade Pending

    The founder of Trade Pending, Brice Englert, joins Jeff Kershner and Alex Snyder to talk about the state of the online vehicle trade.
  4. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Congrats! “The Wobblies” TradePending Customer Awards

    Congrats! Please join us in congratulating twenty three TradePending customers for winning awards in “The Wobblies,” the inaugural TradePending customer awards. The name “The Wobblies” references our semi-lovable mascot, Peep, otherwise known as the wobbly bird. Here’s the backstory on Peep...
  5. Matthew Davis

    Free 2022 Desktop Calendar from TradePending

    It’s that time of year again when every dealership needs their very own free 2022 calendar. We’re giving away 150 printed desktop calendars for 2022. Key features: Inspirational quotes from General Patton, Babe Ruth, Thomas Jefferson and more Marketing ideas for each month Extra days each...
  6. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Ron Frey and David Metter Join The TradePending Board

    Here's the press release from the website, and also copied below. TradePending, a leading provider of vehicle valuation and merchandising software to car dealerships, announces the appointment of Ron Frey and David Metter to their board. The new directors bring extensive automotive experience...
  7. Matthew Davis

    PR & News TradePending Announces SNAP+

    (Original post here on our site) Today we’re announcing the launch of SNAP+, the next iteration of SNAP, our innovative website conversion tool for trade-in values. When it comes to generating car sales leads for dealerships, we’re never sitting still. Three new features of SNAP+ will improve...
  8. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Case Study: Kraft Nissan Hits 500+ Organic Trade-In Leads in One Month

    Originally published here. This is a different twist on a case study. Mason McFalls, the Digital Marketing and Sales Manager at Kraft Nissan, didn’t switch to TradePending’s SNAP. Their dealership was already using SNAP for website conversions on trade-in leads. They were seeing solid inbound...
  9. Matthew Davis

    PR & News TradePending Case Study: Unstoppable Auto Group Grows Trade-In Leads 1,326%

    Originally posted here, and the PDF available also below. Background The Unstoppable Automotive Group is a growing family of dealerships including Mercedes-Benz of Temecula, Volvo Cars of Mission Viejo, and Audi Mission Viejo. Amir Alahwal serves as the Director of Dealer Development and...
  10. Jeff Kershner

    Germain Automotive trading your vehicle in - Video

    Paul and John Germain of Germain Automotive did a great job with this video, walking the shopper through why trading your vehicle in at your local dealer saves you time and money over the "internet companies" you constantly see ads for. Nice job gentlemen!
  11. Matthew Davis

    PR & News TradePending's Newly Re-Designed Market Report

    Take a look at our newly re-designed market report! When it launched in 2014, TradePending’s SNAP market report instantly became a game-changer for consumers looking to value their trade-in. For the first time in forever, consumers could see local supply and demand for their trade-in, along with...
  12. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority Get the trade-ins your dealership needs

    Are you looking to beef up your used car inventory? Start a trade-in (or buy-back) campaign that targets the exact car owners that your dealership needs. Third-party data plays a major part in these campaigns! Facebook data alone just isn't going to cut it. And here's why - - KEEP READING >>>...
  13. Steve Stauning

    Webinar Attract & Sell More Trade-In Leads Than Ever Before!!! - OCT 14

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2016 - 1 pm EASTERN / 10 am PACIFIC Generate More Trade Leads - Without spending more money! Set More Trade-In Appointments - That actually show up on time! Sell More Trade-In Customers - Using proven processes that close trade-in prospects over 80% of the time! In this...