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  1. Matthew Davis

    PR & News Vehicle Valuation API - Carpraze and TradePending

    Behind the scenes, the same valuation methodology that powers the SNAP trade-in tool also powers many of the digital retailing tools, all done via the TradePending API. We're excited to share that Carpraze picked our API over the others to power their vehicle valuations. Official post here and...
  2. Matthew Davis

    PR & News TradePending Announces SNAP+

    (Original post here on our site) Today we’re announcing the launch of SNAP+, the next iteration of SNAP, our innovative website conversion tool for trade-in values. When it comes to generating car sales leads for dealerships, we’re never sitting still. Three new features of SNAP+ will improve...
  3. Matthew Davis

    PR & News TradePending Case Study: Unstoppable Auto Group Grows Trade-In Leads 1,326%

    Originally posted here, and the PDF available also below. Background The Unstoppable Automotive Group is a growing family of dealerships including Mercedes-Benz of Temecula, Volvo Cars of Mission Viejo, and Audi Mission Viejo. Amir Alahwal serves as the Director of Dealer Development and...
  4. ryan.gerardi

    Private Seller Markets for Used Cars?

    Aside from taking in trades, how common or uncommon is it for dealers today to acquire used vehicles from private sellers? For those that do seek vehicles from consumers listed online (not trades), what are some of the obstacles you encounter? How has this impacted business at your dealership?