website conversion

  1. A

    How are you tracking leads through OEM mandated DR tools?

    Hello All, I've found that a staggering number of dealer websites still utilize iframes to implement OEM mandated tools or lead forms on the OEM website for new models. Based on tests in the event manager, evaluations of existing code and testing via the pixel helper tool, conversions are...
  2. johnhabeck

    What is your website's conversion rate?

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here! Very excited to be a part of the forum. I've been doing some research on typical conversion rates on franchise & independent dealer websites. Dealer Inspire says that they typically see 0.55%-1.5%. DealerOn also says that 1.5% is a good place to be...
  3. Jeff Kershner

    Volunteer your Dealership Website!!

    We have been discussing a new Series for RefreshFriday where myself, Alex and another industry professional will go live and audit a community members dealership website. We will look at several elements of your website such has Navigation, Content, SRP and VDP with call to actions and...
  4. Brice Englert

    Superlatives Delivers 2-3X Website Engagement

    Superlatives, our dynamic inventory merchandising solution, does two things very well: Provides talk tracks to sales and BDC teams to help build value and create urgency when working with consumers to find their next car. Showcases to consumers the features that dealers haven’t been able to...
  5. K

    Wesbsite Conversion

    Internet Directors and Marketers...Wondering what you think about a dealer's overall Lead Conversion, Your feedback is much appreciated...Help! Lead to visits Conversion 5.57% Chat to visits Conversion 0.06% Calls to visits Conversion 0.08% Web Leads to visits Conversion 0.6%
  6. ryan.gerardi

    Are Dealer Sites using Natural Language Search?

    Was doing some research today about Natural Language Search and got to wondering if any dealer sites are utilizing this? NLS understands user intent and matches the same with attributes in your product catalog (vehicle inventory) and can provide high relevance. Search filters are common on...
  7. Steve Stauning

    Deals4Dealers Instantly Retarget Site Visitors - 60-Day Free Trial

    Just announced: Our usual 30-day free trial is increased to 60 days for dealers who mention DealerRefresh. Instant Retargeting is the only way to target your site visitors immediately after they've moved on from your site. It generates first-party leads that are truly incremental and that...
  8. ryan.gerardi

    DR Webinar How to Maximize Your Dealership Marketing with AI

    Artificial Intelligence used to be something you’d only see in science-fiction novels, comics or movies. But these days AI isn’t just for Terminators and space ships with an axe to grind. Car dealers are now able to use AI to improve personalization on their website and engage customers more...
  9. Jeff Kershner

    DealerScience - Lease and Finance Website Plugin

    Anyone using or have experience with DealerScience? They provide a Lease and Finance Website Plugin that accurately displays a lease payment on each new vehicle on your website and in your physical inventory. They have a few other services that stem off of the Lease Payment feature like...
  10. Carluminati

    Auto Vendors VS. Open Market

    So I'm one of the guys in the digital car space looking beyond what various auto vendors offer in our industry , compared to what's out there in the open market - to find similar technology which could procure the same result - for costing purposes. I'm coming to the conclusion more dealers...