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10 Minutes with Robert Wiesman


Sep 15, 2011
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Good Morning Folks!

Robert Wiesman shared a great story of how he surprised a customer. Didn't see that article?

Check it out here: The Element of Surprise

Check out this quick interview we recently did as a follow up. I wish my text could better communicate his enthusiasm! 10 Minutes with Robert Wiesman

10 Minutes with Robert Wiesman

When you talk with Robert Wiesman, even just for a few minutes, it’s clear he’s not the type to sit around hoping to get picked. As a Sales Consultant in the cutthroat world of automotive, that attitude doesn’t last. Robert is constantly looking for ways to get ahead of the competition and grow a personal brand.

He’s a self-proclaimed “attention whore” too. Don’t believe me? Check out YourHyundaiGuy.com, RobertWiesman.com, or his response to an article I wrote about the power of surprising your colleagues and prospects.

So what fuels the fire? Why does he refuse to sit around hoping to get picked? I suspect two key reasons:
1.) Waiting for action is boring. Robert is far from boring.
2.) Waiting for action does not guarantee success. Robert loves success.

This week, I chatted with Robert about his drive, strategy, and success in the automotive space.

MH: How long have you been selling cars?
RW: Let’s see….It will be three years this August 1st

MH: I enjoy speaking with those who aren’t “Car Guy Veterans.” You seem to fit that mold as you’ve been in the industry for less than three years. What were you doing before?
RW: I was a serial entrepreneur! I started in this business at 30 years old but from age 18 to 30, I was buying companies. I was selling companies. I was starting companies from scratch, selling them, and starting over again.

MH: And then you find yourself successfully selling cars. How did that come about?
RW: My in-laws at the time were from Italy and owned a bunch of pizzerias in the area. They were franchises and successful, but one location was doing terrible. They were running the business and brand into the ground. The owners were pretty much fired and the family was going to shut it down and sell it off. I said “Hey Listen, before you do that, let us go in there and try to build it back up.” We gave it one last shot and had the place rocking. It was doing great. But I realized I HATED it. I decided to go into sales, because that’s what I do, and was hooked up with a friend at Massey Hyundai where I still work today.

MH: Tell me about the social media aspect. What does that mean to your book of business?
RW: It’s great for building my brand equity. It keeps me top of mind for shoppers. But I’ve also evolved my strategy since I started my “Robert Wiesman” brand in December 2011. Lately, the most important use has been for gathering field intelligence from prospects and engaging with them.

MH: Gathering field intelligence? What do you mean?
RW: I mean researching your prospects. Finding out that they like this or enjoy that. Maybe you want to surprise them with something unique after a big order. This keeps that WOW factor going. Even for an internet lead, I paste their name/email into Facebook and gather information. I reach common ground with that much easier. I may even send a link to a great article or video on something unrelated to our product. Nobody is doing that!

MH: I like that last point. It seems like there are a million incredible things out there people should be doing. The great salesman do, the mediocre don’t.
RW: Absolutely, but it’s definitely time consuming! Someone may say “it’s easy” or “how can you not be doing this?” That’s not true. If it was so easy everybody would be doing it.

MH: What are the most important technologies that help you?
RW: I use a video emailing service that is personalized. It’s not just a YouTube link. A YouTube link creates an issue because they will hit that and have distractions immediately. Other videos and brands will be right there. Even my own other videos will be right there and they lose the exciting factor because they don’t seem personalized.

MH: What about the phone in your day to day?
RW: The phone is money! It stays attached to me at all times. You have to be dialing to really be in the top percentage of sales. Sure you have to have a great skill set but you have to be dialing enough to really take it to the next level. That’s how you make the money. Waiting around for the “Up Bus” to come around isn’t going to cut it.

MH: Who do you look up into an Automotive?
RW: I’ve been lucky enough to engage with so many people. But these people didn’t come knocking on my door. I’ve borderline stalked these people to get attention and time. I was persistent with them just like a prospect. I’m talking about Grant Cardone, Sean Bradley, Fran Taylor, Jim Ziegler, Ralph Paglia, Tom Stuker. There are so many that I’m missing but everyone has been really important to me.

MH: I like what you said about not waiting for these people to come to you to. The help and guidance won’t come knocking on Robert’s door.
RW: No! Exactly! I’ve committed myself to learning their courses and training.

MH: Let’s say it’s a typical Tuesday evening. When you look back, what defines a good day for you? I don’t just mean you sold a big five car deal. I mean what is a day where you did the right things and you feel like you’re adding value?
RW: Every single day I try to improve somebody’s situation when it comes to their vehicle needs or financing. When I talk with someone, I ask “What are you looking to accomplish?” and then over-deliver. I hate the term “under promise and over deliver.” That’s ridiculous. You should over-promise and over-deliver and they’ll love you and be your biggest advocate.

And that my friends, is why Robert Wiesman refuses to sit around hoping to get picked.
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