Montway 4 ways to achieve visibility in your auto supply chain

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Mar 7, 2022
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Everyone involved in automotive manufacturing, remarketing, consignment, or fleet management is looking for new ways to improve efficiency in their supply chains. To rebound from lost sales, find ways to source used cars and manage inventory, auto dealerships are laser-focused on their pipelines.

You want to know exactly where your vehicles are and when they’re going to arrive in order to anticipate revenue while managing customer expectations. Every vehicle move is critical to your business.

How to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility
While you may have some visibility into your auto movements, is it enough? Would your operation benefit from broader and deeper transparency?

1. Hire and empower employees:
Ask yourself, can everyone who needs access to certain dashboards or systems see what they need? Sometimes the technology is in place, but the knowledge on how to use it isn't. End-to-end supply chain visibility requires specialization. Do your employees know what’s expected of them in each stage of your supply chain? If you have new technology or processes, make sure you have people with the right skills in place to use your system to its fullest potential.

2. Leverage an automotive logistics expert:
An automotive logistics partner with the right technology can be the key to recalibrating your supply chain and achieving the levels of visibility you need to be successful today and to grow your business tomorrow. Montway offers logistics services that can integrate with all of your systems, creating a clear, centralized view of your auto transport activities.

3. Consolidate your tools and platforms:
Are you using different tools throughout the day and lacking a comprehensive view? Do you have the data needed to respond if something does go wrong? When your systems are siloed and information is disconnected, seeing a comprehensive view of your supply chain is impossible. A disjointed view can lead to poor inventory management, inaccurate ETAs, penalties, and angry vendors and end customers.

4. Trust the process:
You’ve built the workflow, invested in the technology, standardized the data and empowered your employees—now it’s time to work the process and have the process work for you. Use your employees to add context to reports and leverage your 3PL partner for industry insights to help you make the most informed decisions possible. When you have a clear and broad view of your supply chain, you can execute solutions and new strategies more quickly and successfully.

The need for end-to-end visibility in the automotive supply chain is not a new concept, but one capturing greater attention since the pandemic started. With the right technology and tools in place, you can achieve a clearer picture of your operations. You’ll also be able to identify ways to eliminate unnecessary costs while taking advantage of new revenue-generating opportunities.

How is your dealership achieving visibility? What tools or platforms have been most successful?