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Alternatives to Dealer Vault?


Rust & Dust
Mar 21, 2013
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@Jlewis74, appreciate the thoughts.

Authenticom/DealerVault has been an alternative for over a decade for thousands of dealers and over 450 vendors to be able to work together in a secure and transparent manner.
In a letter sent to CDK executives, we specifically called out our position on data security due to representatives of CDK stating the current lockouts dealers have been experiencing are solely due to CDK believing we are a 'security concern.' Again, to reiterate we have tried to become 'certified' and have been refused. We strongly feel this conversation is one that concerns all parties across the automotive industry. In fact, we have offered to host Mr. Karp (President of CDK) and his team for a formal meeting regarding the nature of CDK's current actions. We firmly believe we need to develop a set of data security standards that abstains from encroaching upon the data ownership rights of dealerships. We have yet to hear back...
I don't doubt that you have not heard back, and don't take what I said as me being a fan of CDK or their extortion of dealers and vendors. I am just saying that I am shocked they have not already locked you out or made it even harder for you to access. I feel the data is the dealers and they should be able to do with it as they please as long as its secure.
Nov 18, 2016
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Has anyone had any luck finding an alternative outside of certification? I'm wondering what the recent lawsuit will mean if anything for 3rd party data extraction.